Rough year with CoVid-19 restrictions

We all thought that 2021 was the year to see the end of the pandemi – but just when the restrictions was more like it was before, and we enjoyed some weeks in ”liberty” – the backlash came… so 2021 has also been soft and not so much hunting and with trips.

Actually it’s probably the same – them dogs has grown older and not so strong and lively as they used to be, all though they are very vital for their age!

Elof also have had some health issues during the year – mostly due to unhealthy food intake… (kakao/chocolate etc…).

Family is getting bigger

They also has gotten new family member(s) – Wilma got puppies (4 of them) and we kept one cute little fur ball 😉 – she was born in september so she’s still very young but they are really getting along. 

We’ve done some hunting but due to above reasons there hasn’t been so much time for them at the time of hunts. Hopefully the xmas- and winter holidays will present some possible hunting. There are still a couple of months remaining.

Family growing more?

Looking ahead we are actually thinking of getting a new BF… we’ll see about that – if an opportunity presents itself; perhaps?!?

Some of the year down below